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> I think "fearless concurrency" is a better pitch...

I would go a step further, "fearless programming". Though I would hesitate on 'easy'.

Rust gives you fearlessness in all the things, but it does mean learning new style and discovering new solutions to old problems. To fully understand 'Send' vs. 'Sync', for example, means really groking the Rust type system. Once you get the type system, then fully utilizing it with the expressive generics becomes unlocked, and then at that point you've transcended from Rust dabbler to fully fearless Rust user.

Once this world of development is unlocked to you it is mind-blowing, but it is a journey to get there, and not everyone will have the heart to make it. It comes in stages, is wonderfully rewarding, will make you a better programmer in you other favorite languages, but I think we should be careful with statements like 'Rust makes it easy'.

It does make hard things easy, but only after you've fully embraced Rust. This feels more accurate: "Hey, you know that thing that's really hard for you? Rust makes it fun."

Making software free of data races and memory safe (assuming you don't use any unsafe code...) is still a long way from being free of serious defects.

Rust is cool enough that it doesn't need to be promoted with excess hype.

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