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Ask HN: How do you host your static site?
5 points by lowpro on Dec 29, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
I've finally got around to fixing my blog, and currently host on 000webhost, but I was wondering if anyone has a good flow for hosting their static site? I use hugo to generate it, and it would be nice to stay on the command line the whole time, which I know I could do with ftp though a little powershell, but I want to see the work flow of others.

Netlify is great for static sites - I use it for all mine.

All I need do is push to my Bitbucket repo and Netlify automatically pulls the latest changes and runs the build command. That, combined with a CMS-as-service like Forestry.io or Cloudcannon makes for a very seamless experience.

Auto-build your hugo site and host on Aerobatic & Bitbucket. https://www.aerobatic.com/blog/easy-hugo-continuous-deployme...

I use GitLab Pages [1] for hosting my blog. It offers many static site platforms. Jekyll, Hugo, and Pelican, for example.

The work flow is simple. First, I fork one of example projects provided by GitLab [2]. Then, I make changes (creating a new post or fixing the site title). I don't forget to enable shared runners as mentioned by GitLab itself. Shared runners build and run your changes on Docker. Finally, I make commits and push it to remote server using command line. Let the machine build your changes!

Note: you can set up your SSL and domain configurations.

[1]: https://pages.gitlab.io

[2]: https://gitlab.com/groups/pages

I keep an upload.sh script with each site, which basically just contains the rsync command required to sync it up to a server.

For the most part I host them on a VPS myself, using Sovereign (to which I'm a contributor).


This tool is actually what I was looking for in terms of VPS usage. I knew there had to be some type of self hosting easily deploy-able platform. Thanks for sharing!

I use Netlify to host my Hugo site. Here's a .travis.yml if you are looking for automated builds. https://github.com/activatedgeek/website/blob/master/.travis...

GitHub pages. Convenient, free and fast enough.

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