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Show HN: PyBites – sharing our passion for Python, one bite a day (pybit.es)
23 points by bbelderbos on Dec 29, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Thanks everyone! Bob and I are pretty stoked to be working on this project together. It's been a dream for a while! As we're trying to keep this entirely run off pelican, python and github pages, it's proving a bit of a challenge to create the newsletter.

It's going to be a manual process for now until we can automate it but of course, expect posts detailing how we get around it.

Thanks all, we hope to learn + teach a lot of Python as we go. We will do a weekly email update/ digest as well, just subscribe at the bottom of the blog.

Neat. I'll take another look at this in the morning.

I made an account just to post that I like this a lot...

Would love to get this as a daily newsletter.

Like it a lot, guys. You got my up-vote :)

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