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It solves the following problems for me:

1. Fast program execution. Sometimes you just want the speed that a scripting language cannot provide. Although I have to admit that many times Python is fast enough. I also pick D sometimes to write fast "scripts".

2. Reliability. Rust is a language that puts an emphasis on correct and reliable programs. The compiler does a great job at pointing me at pieces of code that I should think about again. It is similar to Haskell in that "if it compiles, it is likely correct". You pay upfront for long "talk to the compiler" sessions, but from experience I'd say that it pays off.

3. A language that is a joy to use. There are some really great languages that I love to use. They include Clojure, Lua, Python and Rust. The first two languages are mostly the products from single inventors with good taste plus a couple of contributors. The last two are the product of their respective communities. The Rust community tries to bring together the best ideas and lessons from different programming languages and has a democratic development process that tries to create a language and an ecosystem that is nice to use and plays well together with Rust's goals.

4. A new language with stable releases. I like to try new programming languages from time to time. It is cool that you can pick between stable, beta and nightly, depending on your stability needs. Furthermore, you can count on Rust being around for longer because Mozilla is supporting the language.

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