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Add a filter that only allows data from your domain. I found this on a spammy content marketing site somewhere. I added this and haven't seen any referral spam since. I'm not sure what the pros and cons are, maybe someone here can elucidate?

In GA: Admin -> All Filters -> Add Filter -> Predefined Filter Type -> Include Only -> Traffic to the hostname -> tha contains -> Enter your hostname in the text box ie mysite.com.

The fact that there are eight steps to get to your suggested solution only underlines my point that Google needs to create a simple solution to this problem. It should be three steps, tops.

That said, there are some weaknesses to this solution. Here's why: For larger businesses, they may have multiple websites, and those websites may need to work together. Additionally, they may be using GA to track actions through an app, for example, or steps in a marketing process. This solution might generally work for individual blogs, but it gets hairy as your needs get more complex.

And, as it turns out, the spam issues become more frustrating the more complex your setup gets.

It should be zero steps. They run Gmail, surely they have someone on staff that knows how to block spam? Even if it's an after-the-fact block and stats tidyup.

Agreed, Google Analytics is basically worthless now unless you run a single site and have the time to set up filters every time some jackass gets by the ones already in place.

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