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I have been able to thoroughly block referrer spam by simply setting a custom segment that only passes traffic that exactly matches my site's hostname. Does this not work for everyone?

EDIT: I see some comments with advice to set a regex filter. BE CAREFUL WITH GA FILTERS. They discard traffic permanently! If you misconfigure one, you could lose real traffic data and never get it back.

This is why I generally prefer to use custom segments, which hide but do not discard traffic. However, I have to remember to set the segment(s) manually.

If you want to use filters, create a new view and set the filter there. Keep your original view as a backup.

Best practice with GA is to create two views when you first set it up. Call one "All Data" and don't touch it. Call the other something like "Reporting" and set filters etc there. That way you always have a "backup" set of data.

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