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The "reply" button sometimes goes away when the discussion is deep enough. Gotta click the comment to comment.

I would imagine that rolling a container to thousands hosts may take a while.

What kind of load and software do you run? In my experience, dramatically scaling out increases load and latency variance and cause all kind of problems.

When was your experience with SoftLayer? Care to elaborate? I've got some interests in them for future projects. I'd rather hear about the issues now :D

You're still thinking about these servers as a bare metal. We don't keep the servers running. We create a server always from scratch or based on an image we prepared or with a docker container that is automatically pulled from an internal repo once the OS is turned on.

This is the benefit of running on GCP. We don't have to trouble ourselves with the headache of scaling both with the images and containers thanks to the internal tools offered by GCP.

We quit Softlayer around February. We were running bare metal and they went down so often that we essentially ended up keeping one super large server for a very insignificant service. We never gave them too much of chance so I may be too harsh.

Pulling a 100 MB docker image from 1000 hosts would take an eternity.

I stopped thinking about bare metal a while ago. I'm thinking about the comparison with AWS and I see that your entire business is relying on capabilities only available on Google Cloud (which indirectly, is why I'm advising Google Cloud nowadays. It's easier for basic usage and it's unlocking a whole new set of extreme usage).

Things you couldn't have pulled off on AWS that easy: Create thousands of hosts, deploy images that fast, managed kubernetes, pubsub, worldwide AMI, multi region subnets.

Never tried it on AWS so can't comment on that. It works very well on GCP however. We send over 1M request to their API to rescale the stack every single day (they had to up our limits because it was always timeouting on us).

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