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It's likely that a large percentage of your workload is static.

It's likely that bare metal is lower cost than spot - it is for me.

It's likely that your issue is allocation of capital - you'd rather put your money into burning dollar bills into AWS versus pre-paying for 18 months of servers with capital.

I'm happy your company is doing great.

I agree GCP is a great competitor to AWS.

I think you're being close minded to building out a 20-60 cabinet data center to offload some of your workload.

It's hard to do a DC with over 20 racks and pay more than 1/2 of AWS's prices.

You summed up nicely, up until the last point.

I understand why would think so, because you don't know our setup. Just to give you an idea, we process 16PB of data every single month. This is an ingress traffic. If we would pay for this traffic going out (egress), we would end up paying over $1M just for the traffic itself. By keeping everything in a single spot it costs us literally 0.

That said, I've tried. I reached out to many hosters, like OVH and others. They just don't have the capacity we need. 20 servers will not make a change for us. We wanted to start with 500, but it would take them 9 months.

They are fools. I will build you 1k servers with 100g to AWS in 75 days.

Your $1M estimate is 3X too high at 2c/GB.

In two hours I'll save you $25k per month. In 6 months $300k/month.

Either you are growing and should be investing in cost efficiency or you run a staid lifestyle business. Which is fine, but if you aren't growing, get off expensive cloud.

You've a good logic in this, but you don't have enough details about us to judge it properly. The gain would be much smaller than you think and we would lose a lot of freedom, which would slow us down.

I don't think it's worth continuing to argue. It's obvious you've done your research and built a real system that works, you don't have to continuously defend people who claim you can save 50% but don't understand why running an entire system means more than just miniizing the hardware cost.

> I think you're being close minded to building out a 20-60 cabinet data-center to offload some of your workload.

I'd say it's time to forget about the infrastructure. Should optimize the software and rewrite in C++ :D

We already have huge portion of the system in C/C++ ;)

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