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> AWS requires that you request exact type and location for your instances

Are you running 25k without using Spot Fleets? Spot fleets let you specify value per instance type, and then total value you need. ("Value" could be CPU, memory, network or whatever) AWS will maintain the lowest cost spot instances that fulfill your requirements.

We couldn't even get them to approve 5k servers on AWS. We run everything in GCE.

That is hard to believe. Their case studies have organizations using thousands or tens of thousands of servers for scientific computing, etc.

I didn't blur anything so you can see for yourself http://imgur.com/14upQ5j

Case studies tend to be written by the marketing team, and will tell you what the marketing team wants you to believe. I'll take "hey, this is my hands-on experience" over "this is what we want you to think" everytime.

I understand spin, but the claim is that AWS markets a service/product that they will not provide.

Those studies always involve close coordination between the PMs in the Cloud org and the client.

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