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A signal from deep space, the meaning of which is unclear. Is it a sign of alien life? Is it friendly or hostile?

And thus we have the perfect premise from which so many science fiction stories have sprung. One of the earliest from TV is a BBC sci-fi drama called A for Andromeda broadcast in the early 1960s. The Wikipedia plot summary:

"A group of scientists...detect a radio signal from another galaxy that contains instructions for the design of an advanced computer. When the computer is built, it gives the scientists instructions for the creation of a living organism named Andromeda, but one of the scientists, John Fleming, fears that Andromeda's purpose is to subjugate humanity."

At the risk of derailing this thread, can any one recommend any other sci-fi novels (or comics) in the same vein?

David Brin's Existence is an excellent 300-page novel hiding in a 500-page novel amid a couple of hundred pages of self-indulgent garbage. If you're good at skipping over junk (for starters, ignore the blog-post styled sections), it's a good read. At the end is a beautiful metaphor for the social mechanisms governing the scientific community. And the story revolves around remote aliens transmitting knowledge to humans.


"His Master's Voice" by Stanislaw Len offers a different perspective on the same setup.

Alastair Reynolds' _Revelation Space_ series.

Greg Bear's _Blood Music_ has similar themes, but it's a different spin on them.


Liu, Cixin - Three Body Problem.

> Liu, Cixin - Three Body Problem.

The second book in the series is the best.

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