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Tell HN: Merry Christmas
153 points by giosch on Dec 25, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 50 comments
I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

And to you giosch!

Wow 2016 has been an interesting year! Especially for us Brits/Europeans and Americans. Looks like 2017 will be a big year also.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has made valued contributions to Hacker News this year. I love to read the comments as I almost always learn something. I hope you have a fun and safe end to 2016 and a happy and healthy 2017.

No offence, but you forgot that it was an 'interesting' year for the filipinos too.

edit: although highlighting every sad/meaningful event would require more than what the comment box can hold.

I am sure many countries have had interesting years. However being British and doing work with America they are the two countries I know the most about personally :)

No, satysin said it was interesting generally, and especially for Brits/Europeans and Americans. You're free to disagree, of course.

Which makes me wonder if the year wasn't just as interesting for (example) our Chinese friends, but that we just don't focus on their news?

But yeah, European me feels like we've had quite the spectacle this year.

Merry christmas to all my fellow tech-enthousiasts, here's to pushing the world to an even crazier ride in 2017!

As a South African I would like to tip my hat to both America and Brit, you surprised even us this year. Welcome to the club.

Hey from a fellow saffer

Trump was big news, and probably the biggest surprise, in China this year.

> Wow 2016 has been an interesting year! Especially for us Brits/Europeans and Americans.

I'm certainly looking forward to 2016 Wipe https://twitter.com/charltonbrooker/status/80860484411005747...

Merry Christmas! My holiday message of hope (repost from http://www.generalstore.co/hope.html).

As I look around my little Bay Area town, and especially my Facebook and Instashrams, I am struck by how fortunate we all are.

We do live and 'like' in our own snow globe of good tidings ~where everyone is warm, everyone is well fed, and the love of friends and family flows as easily as the wine. So today, my wish and message of hope, is for all of us to pause. ... While we celebrate, let's pause to reflect, to consider and to act. Let's all extend an extra hand this Christmas, Hanukkah and into the New Year.

Whether it's a hand, a dollar, an ear or a smile, what you are truly giving is hope~ a star in the east to follow. Wishing you and yours every happiness and good fortune. Peace and peace of mind and God's blessing..

Feliz Navidad Prospero Año y Felicidad Happy Hanukkah Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays,

-sthommes Founder & CEO at Rainbow

"More and more I come to value charity and love of one's fellow being above everything else...All our lauded technological progress-our very civilization-is like the axe in the hand of the pathological criminal.” -Einstein

Merry Christmas HN. This is my first Christmas here, and hopefully not my last. Right now I'm in London, celebrating my birthday as well as Christmas.

Have a brilliant day guys.

Best wishes for Christmas!

And one question to reflect on: why can we build compilers, operating systems, and distributed databases, while we can't find the basic rules of an economy that is well-performing, yet fair to every participant, now and in the future?

Requirements issue: Because everyone's definition of "fair" is different.

Implementation issue: Designing for wildly complex system of systems with thousands of interdependent and independent variables, with known unknowns, and unknown unknowns is effectively impossible. We can't even parse HTML with 100% accuracy.

Debugging issue: When there are issues, who do you trust to have "root" to debug and fix it?

Bottom up deterministic media vs persuading group consensus. Difficult but noble goal.

Merry Christmas from Africa. It is 15:07hrs as I type this. Family napping and I am on HN :-).

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope that 2017 will be a happier year!

Merry Christmas from a Muslim here. Hope 2k17 is gonna be a better year for everyone.

Merry Christmas! (Are we allowed to say that? Jk

Hey, the word holiday still means "holy day." Always useful to bring up whenever someone is in a tiff over "Merry/Happy Christmas!" versus "Happy Holidays!".

I never knew that, thanks for pointing that out!

Merry christmas to all celebrating today :-)

Merry Christmas to all!


Merry Christmas to all of you!

Have an amazing day ahead, everyone.

To those not celebrating Christmas, happy holidays to you. The wish is applicable to you too :-)

I'm offended. ;)

Seriously though, may God grant us all wisdom, grace, and compassion -- this holiday season and beyond.

Yes, merry christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Been a great year personally.

Came for the tech news, stayed for the feels.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to the HN community :)

Merry Christmas!

From Venezuela

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Merry Christmas everybody. :)

A Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and general good holidays to everybody.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all.

happy holidays and a better 2017

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Techno-Christmas, mah ninja geeks!

happy holidays

And an happy Saturnalia!

Merry Christmas!

Hacky Holidays!

Happy Festivus (a tad late, I know).

Merry Christmas וחג חנוכה שמח.

merry mutherfucking xmas from s to the weden. Stay G (enerous)

Merry Tiffmas!

Merry Christmas bros

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