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> they tend to generate so much energy that it could parallel the amount of energy generated by the Sun for a whole day

This is not a good enough reason to think it could be life. So many objects in our universe are orders of magnitude more powerful than our unremarkable sun.

> Repeating Nature an enigma

This is not a good enough reason to think it could be life. Repeating is fundamental to every single branch of physics. So many phenomena emit photons periodically. Charged particles in circular motion, pulsars, quasars, binary stars, solar systems at certain viewing angles, etc.

The amount of energy used actually makes it less likely to be intelligence.

Initially I thought that as well: "why would intelligent life spew tons of energy into random solid angles?". But there may be a reason to do this. I wouldn't be sure if they would go through the effort to not pollute -- just look at humans. We pollute space with our signals. Civilizations that command astronomical amounts of energy as if they were pennies might just do the same thing.

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