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Is the amount of energy per burst based on the assumption that it's radiating in a sphere versus being directional?

If we're talking K2 I think it doesn't matter. Either power requirement outstrips anything otherwise naturally occurring.

The ratio between K1 energy and K2 energy is the ratio between a sun's radiation falling on one planet and the sun's radiation over the entire sphere.

So a directional transmission with the beam angle of a planet from the sun at K1 power should look similar to an isotropic transmission with K2 power.

For earth, that angle is 0.0025 degrees, entirely possible with parabolic antennas.

Shouldn't we try to get outside that arc as soon as possible and set up the means to corroborate this? We might need several satellites it seems like.

It might take something orbiting Pluto to figure out though. I wouldn't know, but with the variables involved that seems possible.

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