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Not directly related but just last week I just gifted two Intel 8088 machines including one in a really beautiful case with original "3 year warranty!" sticker, along with other stuff (period disks, Apple LCII, Apple II, SGI/SunOS/Solaris stuff, etc.) to http://acms.org.au/ who are looking for an exhibition location for their huge collection. As a registered charity, space donations are tax deductible and can help meet council public space/cultural requirements for new developments. Requirements: Sydney or Canberra, 100-300m2 exhibition space (really 200+), 500-1000m2 storage space (500+ already in use).

Thank you for doing this.

In 2011, I donated a mass of Mac computers to a podcaster who wanted to set up a museum of Mac history. It was a lot of work.

Not news to the HN readers, but yeah: computers used to be even more difficult to use than they are now. And of course getting all of the bits together for a working system takes a lot of time.

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