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I don't think the goal of that puzzle is to achieve checkmate. "Victory" just means you solved the puzzle, not that the game is over.

The goal is just to find the most optimal move given the board configuration. In that particular position, white can use its knight to simultaneously attack the black king and queen. Since the king is more important, it must be moved, effectively forcing black to sacrifice their queen. So the goal of that puzzle isn't to checkmate black, but to use a temporary check against black to capture the black queen (at the cost of a white knight -- still a worthwhile exchange, since the queen is much more powerful than a knight).

Yes, I was wrong, and I concur. I have since my post completed puzzles which do not have the goal to reach checkmate. For example, I had the goal of 'deflecting' an attack where I was in severe disadvantage. Its refreshing to have different goals, and forces the player to think outside of the box for such a goal thereby increasing the difficulty.

FWIW, I do not agree is (always) more powerful than a knight, but generally they are (while a queen is more powerful than a rook or bishop which is almost always better, a knight has a unique utility).

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