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Contributing to a project on Github (transfixedbutnotdead.com)
25 points by mshafrir 2816 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Thanks i've never done this before as i'm currently a sole developer, but i've wondered a few times about commiting to some open source projects. I'll save this link in delicious and make sure to actually make a commit next time It crosses my mind.

Its extremely heartening to find my blog post is of use to someone else.

It can often be intimidating when approaching something new or different. I find writing down the steps often helps me get my head around any complexities.

The additional step of writing it up has a blog post means that I have to try and write it with extra care and clarity. Thus making it more likely for me to understand it again when I take a look back at it for reference in the future :)

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