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While the decorrelation of user data and application provider is important, I feel like the proposition is relying a bit too much on a centralized service. Perhaps reusing some ideas of OStatus would be helpful ? Something like that:

- UserA starts a feed at dat://UserA, and publishes stuff in Activity Streams format

- UserB follows dat://UserA

- UserB comments on UserA feed: it creates dat://CommentsFromUserBonUserA, and publishes a comment in Activity Streams format there

- UserB pings UserA telling them about dat://CommentsFromUserBonUserA: UserA is naturally interested, so they just subscribe to this feed, and republishes stuff into dat://UserA

- UserC subscribes to dat://UserA. They get UserA's posts, along with UserB's comments, without every subscribing to dat://UserB. All activity about UserA is in one place, completely under UserA control, with no dependency on a centralized service

- Same can be done for mentions of UserA

This obviously assumes pinging is easy, which it isn't. Perhaps some polling of a DHT ? It also doesn't solve the issue of hashtags... but it makes dependency on centralized service less important

A purely p2p ping would help with non-centralized discovery, but it isn't easy. I'd be receptive to a proposal.

Web Crawling is a reliable federated system that doesn't impede user freedoms. The crawlers are so fungible that anything centralized about them doesn't really concern me.

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