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If it was below a certain threshold of personal investment I totally would (not saying I'd release something useless or dangerous carelessly out of hubris). I would love more accessible non invasive monitoring tools. I personnally suffered from nasty yet transient issues, that vanished enough by the time I went to my MD but were recurring for monthes.

I don't buy the money argument, price is not cost. I'm fairly convinced that the medical market is inflated at every level, ending on a premium. Ultrasonic devices may be as complex as he says, the dude is a reference. But I've just seen firefighters portable EKG monitor that they say cost a fortune, and it's mostly crap. Very bad cell reception, couldn't send data to the doctor. Not as sophisticated as an US echographer, just 7 probes, a LCD in a sturdy/friendly case; still pricey.

I'd bet a few dollars that any electronic company today can make something affordable, with better connectivity. It's just that the market allow for such prices.

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