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>new variant to change the chess rules to accommodate a smaller board 5x6, 4x5 or 6x6 for even shorter games.

That makes no sense. You can have games as short as you want. Just play using a different time control. I play 1+2 (minute plus seconds) and those games last 2 to 3 minutes at most.

BTW with variants, you're not really playing chess anymore. You're playing a different game with chess pieces. Not all the strategy and tactics transfer well if at all.

Yes, but variants are supported in the application, anti-chess, horde, atomic, three-check etc. Agreed, those are not really chess, as the rules or end conditions are significantly changed. But it's like chess960 chess, the pieces are on a different position or there are less pieces and a smaller board. The reason for my wish is that I want to play a small chess game with my son before bed, it should be a bit less daunting then a complete chessboard and only use a few pieces, so it would be both quick and easy. A time constrained regular chess game would be quick but less easy or usable for a young kid.

Can't you just make this yourself? Why does it have to be a part of the lichess platform?

Yes, of course. I was just explaining what the lichess platform would need (and why) to be perfect in my humble opinion. It would be nice to use the same chess app for everything chess related, with the social aspect working offline like a progressive web app.

Why do any rule variants have to be a part of the lichess platform?

Hi Derrick, I gave my personal answer and lichess gives this answer: "Chess variants introduce variations of or new mechanics in regular Chess that gives it a unique, compelling, or sophisticated gameplay. Are you ready to think outside the box?"


I don't like time control, I can't handle the stress behind that.

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