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I saw someone else above mention an iOS app, and it looks like there also is an Android app.

Hi Tom, yes, but mobile apps don't make a website work offline on windows, linux or osx unless you are proposing the Android app can be run through Chrome APK welder (if it works). But even if that were the case, I think the current Android/iOS apps don't allow you to asynchronously play chess, but only offline against the AI. Scenario's would be having a spotty or on/off connection for example, or playing one turn/hour or day. Progressive web apps can work offline and sync the state back to the cloud when online.

After some exploring I came across a "good enough feature": correspondence chess. On the website and the mobile apps you can login en logout a game (including the variants) in between turns and set the window from 1-14 days per turn! The only thing is that you don't get notified when a person has taken their turn, except when you are on iOS i read. Well, you can always exchange chess notation through Riot, e-mail or snail-mail :-)

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