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Posiba shuts down office in Vietnam without paying their staff
59 points by EDreicer on Dec 23, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments
Company hasn't paid the staff since Jun 2016. Now CEO decides to close office in VN without clear path to pay us. PosibaVn is the core engineering team and it's not their failure.

Is there anyone can help us?

Posiba paid only 1/10 of bills to contractors in America. And still owes pay to American employees.

I worked in the San Diego office and watched upper-management lie to their employees, contractors, and the few customers they had. Good, honest staff only stayed a few months before calling B.S. or getting let go (often with pay still owing). Any ex-employee who complained got contacted by a lawyer.

After observing the CEO up close and personal, I can tell you that, though rich and pampered herself, she is a sociopath. She can talk a mean streak of lies with out blinking, feels very little emotion and cannot feel empathy, and will not think twice before hurting anyone.

Someday she will get her comeuppance.

It's said to see our company is running in this situation, but it seems the CEO lost many chances to save us...

Was there any problem when company's laywer contacted ex-employeed? Is the Us laws system preventing you from suing the company, or you don't like / can't afford a court issue?

The team in VN tries to sue PosibaVn, and they will win. However, getting the full payment is another story when the company keeps saying they doesn't have anything to pay.

It's said to hear that company still owes pay to American employees; we here in Vn thought they were fully paid (I know CTO and some foreigners are not paid, though.)

It's nice if you would give me some contact points so we won't let this story go.

You can't get money out of a bankrupt company. Suing would cost several thousands. According to American law, in a bankruptcy, employees get paid first, then contractors if anything is left. Suing will only lose you money, nothing to gain.

Except for time, it's free to sue PosibaVn in Vietnam (the company can't win for any reason)

The problem is now on public media in Vietnam


Shoul we raise some voice to draw attention and solve this in a peaceful way?

Unbelievable for a CEO is an american person. https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-dreicer-1a907b5

The CEO doesn't bother to say "sorry" for their mistake that leads us to this situation. It's sad to see her message http://posibablog.cf/closing_down/

It's not an internal problem. It's how some US start-up companies are working in Vietnam, and it's also a problem in Vietnam laws system that hasn't any strict rules for FDI companies.

Start-up is hard, but it's not hard this way when the whole staff are not paid.

We need you to raise this problem on the start-up environments. Let me know what you think.

I agree, we should raise this problem to the start-up environments, but where and how to raise?

HackerNews is where we start. The team tries with layer in Vietnam, but that doesn't really help as for FDI companies all money comes from US. No money in VN.

it's really a nightmare for Vietnam employee :(

Please show me the upvote button.

it's the triangle next to the title on the left sweetie


the dark side of startups :(

yeah, so sad for them, poor posiba employees :(

:)) ...

really a nightmare for the employee

we have been waiting for months (yes it's 6 months) with "soon", "updates" and no money. The first time I've seen this kind of company in my life.

Maybe a good chance to learn something new ... phew!

It means the employee have to face with a big problem with their life, their career path and their future. It really a thing to learn!

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