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My big problem with lichess is that you are allowed to pick white when you set up your game request and/or if someone starts a match with you and they have black pieces they can cancel game after you make your first move with no penalty. If you query the top players games in blitz or lightning their ratio of white/black games is ridiculous.

Maybe they should display win rates for black and white separately. Or display the midpoint between the two (i.e. counting each color as 50% even if the number of games is different).

I agree it's annoying. But at least if you use the new "Quick game" pairing system there is no option to choose a color.

So now it's just people who quit half the quick games they start with you?

There is anti-boosting logic that disables your account if you abandon too many games

I haven't encountered this problem personally. I think most people are just playing for fun not to get their number higher.

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