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* Fiction *

The Alchemist -- reread one of my favorites of all time

Candidate -- reread

Infinite Jest -- takes 300 pages to "get" David Foster Wallace's style and 500 pages to enjoy it, but well worth the investment. Probably one of my favorites of all time now.

The Brothers Karamazov (in progress) -- Have been wanting to read more Russian Literature and apparently Infinite Jest borrows many plot points from Brothers Karamazov. I just started it a few days ago...

* Non-Fiction *

String Theory -- another book by David Foster Wallace containing a few essays on tennis. Even if you don't like his fiction, I doubt anyone would argue that the eponymous essay isn't great.

Open -- Andre Agassi's autobiography

Inner Game of Tennis -- reread

Winning Ugly -- Read this twice in 2016 (reread in progress). My mental game is volatile to say the least.

My System (in progress) -- Aron Nimzowitsch's Chess study

In a Sunburned Country -- Bill Bryson's description of his trip to Australia

Sailing Made Easy -- ASA 101/102

Coastal Cruising Made Easy -- ASA 103

Buying Your First Sailboat

Open Water Diver Manual -- PADI Open Water Certification

Enriched Air Diver Manual -- PADI Nitrox Certification

Adventures in Diving Manual (in progress) -- PADI Advanced Open Water Certification

Shadow Divers -- Diver's in the 90's discover a German U-Boat just dozens of miles off the coast of New Jersey

Triple Your Reading Speed -- It definitely works, but its only applicable to simple texts like popular fiction and maybe news articles/blogs. I guess it probably does still benefit denser stuff though.

The Origin of Conciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind -- This is quite possibly the work of a crank, but there's some interesting ideas that seem not impossible. A lot of his arguments are clearly cherry picked and loads of sentences like, "The statue had a big ear, obviously an example of bicameralism".

Piano Handbook (in progress) -- Been working on the exercises in this and started learning the piano as an adult, two years ago. Just two chapters of eighteen to go...

Jazz Piano (in progress) -- Will focus on this once the above text is done

The Wine Bible (in progress)

Porsche: Origin of Species (in progress)

Millionaire Next Door (in progress) -- In strong conflict with the ideas presented in the text above...

* Technical Non-Fiction *

Functional Programming in Scala

Pro Git

Learning from Data

Optimization Models; Califiore, El Ghaoui (in progress)

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets (in progress) -- Not great. Very little motivation to finish this one...

Had the goal of 30 books, at least 8 of which had to be textbooks. Not quite there, but there's some really dense stuff this year, so I'm not too worried. I had no idea how little fiction I was reading; will need to adjust that next year.

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