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What happened to programming-books.com?
3 points by SkyMarshal 2489 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite
A couple years ago I found a great site called something like 'programming-books.com' (but not exactly that).

It let users submit links to their favorite books for various programming languages, and write a short blurb about why they're so good. You could include their Amazon page and the website would grab a cover picture.

I've since lost that bookmark and am trying to find it again, anyone know what site I'm talking about? Is it still around?

Did you mean: programmingbooks.org ?

If yes, you can see the old pages here, which are definitely useful:


I especially liked the section "Books Every Programmer Should Read." Don't know why the site is inactive, but thankfully archive.org has most of the site.

Yes that's it, thanks! I think I'll try to contact Shane and find out what happened to it.

Cool, please post a follow-up if you find out why the site is down, thanks.

Got in touch with Shane, his response:

"server hard drive crashed and I lost all the data :(. I was stupid and did not have backups. I plan on bringing it back sometime this year."

So good news. I wonder if archive.org will give him a copy of it, since they still have the entire site backed up.

Thanks for the follow-up! Oh well, at least those programming and CS books the site had collected tend towards being classics, and have some staying power. So the archive.org pages are still very useful.

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