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I was part of the Data Science team in my previous company. We mainly build models for production, but we also were responsible for generating both daily and ad hoc reports. We tried to hire someone to take over the reporting part, but we found out even that requires engineering skills. This role ended up to even more difficult to hire for because it's hard to find someone who has the engineering skills but wants to work only on reporting. Maybe if we had a dedicated data engineering team the story would be different.

That is me. A decent developer who gets data and enjoys reporting, particularly the variety of hard problems that crop up.

I am happily serving a niche market with my own company and I suspect part of the difficulty in finding the skillset is that we can just start our own thing when we find a domain that we like.

Yeah, in my org we have a dedicated data engineering team that owns the pipeline and production data systems plus an analytics team that owns reporting and making data available to non-technical data consumers. That leaves complex research work for data scientists who are (in theory, anyway) building on top of stable data infrastructure and good data sources and free from ad hoc reporting work.

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