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Take whatever job you can... as far as it's related to the kind of things you want to do.

Forget about the big companies that everyone knows, forget about the high pay that appear in the newspapers. It's not real, it's not for you.

Get an entry or junior level position and get experience. There are many unknown places that will take people only because they're cheap. That's where everyone started.

Thanks for your comment. It has eased some of the anxiety caused by reading through this thread. My current job fits your description. I currently have an analyst role and I spend maybe 25% of my time building predictive models in R. I just haven't had any success finding a role that ups that percentage (and the pay). I know I need to be more patient, but it is difficult.

I'm looking to go through a DS boot camp this summer, have a master's in aerospace engineering. I'd be very content with mid-five figures (40% lower than what I made as an engineer) at a no-name company if it's in the city that I want (not SF). Are such lower-end data analyst positions in decent supply?

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