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Thanks for your openness.

I assume you've already done so based on a few of your word choices, but if you haven't already, I recommend checking out Peak [0], the latest (2015) work by Anders Ericsson. He's the researcher who came up with the "10,000 Hours Rule" as popularized by Gladwell. I thought the book had useful suggestions such as how to make sure you're achieving deliberate practice, how to get better when you don't have a coach, or what do for yourself (or as a parent for a child) when considering quitting an endeavor. Ericsson also shares reflections on what folks mistake about his research (i.e. 10K hours was merely the mean for one of his studies.), while clarifying the approach you SHOULD take as supported by his research.

[0] https://www.amazon.com/Peak-Secrets-New-Science-Expertise/dp...

That's really interesting, thank you. Did you find his techniques to be effective in practice?

Yes. In particular, I feel like I gained an improved set of questions to ask myself when learning and others when coaching that have led to better results.

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