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So perhaps something like an infrastructure/tasks repo, then make various "environments" for assigning different env variables (like server IPs, etc). I'll fiddle around with this and see if its viable. I just really don't want to have to create a project/repo for every single little tiny task/report I want automatically done.

I like to run various reports, for example run a report monthly and diff my AWS/GCE firewall rules to show if anything that shouldn't have changed has changed then email if the there is a diff. Same with instance lists, load balancers, things of that nature. Then all of the server stuff, hourly snapshots using aws-cli or gcloud, yaddayadda.

Once the periodical thing is back in I can give that a shot. I've only used the travis style builds for about a year so I'm not very advanced with them. I think when I can do a when: monthly that will help greatly.

Re: ChatOps I've upvoted the ticket. I'd LOVE it if there was a slack: step that Gitlab could use that went beyond the checkboxes under integrations> - for instance I'd like the ability to echo whatever under a Slack step to a channel, for instance. I can do this buy making my own step, running a slack container and doing webhooks but that's clunkier than I'd like, especially when the GItlab server already has my slack tokens/etc. Right now I need to run a container that pulls that info to webhook to slack.

    if: successful
    channel: deploys
    echo: "$buildtag has been deployed, you can access this      build at $server1 and $server2"
    curl: #posttodatadog "$buildtag released on $date"

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