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> As an aside I always kind of wondered why all browsers started including developer tools by default as they are not of use to 99.9% of users.

That percentage is actually pretty close to correct. For that reason and user studies of regular users Edge has already turned off their DevTools by default ( https://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2016/11/22/balancing-use... ).

Firefox is currently pursuing moving the DevTools out of the browser and will likely use a similar system to Edge / Safari for activating them. Going the extension route does have complexity drawbacks but being able to ship fixes faster, to a wider audience will be a greater benefit. Additionally as all browsers adopt WebExtensions this could mean that any Firefox panel developed as a WebExtension will be available for use within Chrome or Edge.

That would be a welcome change. I even say so as a Developer. You can't imagine how often I hit some keys by accident and some DevTools panel turns up - I wonder how that must feel to "normal" users (thinking of my mother here ;)

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