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Esoteric use case from someone in AI: Jenkins is the only CI we've been able to use even as an open source project due to needing gpus. CI and things like special hardware is a "semi-common" edge case and a big reason to have something self hosted.

Referencing other comments here: We've also found periodic builds and arbitrary jobs to be a must as well.

A lot of providers out there support most of the basic stuff out of the box, and I understand why they won't go after an edge case like that. It's great to see improvements in the UX on the horizon, that has been our biggest pain point.

If anyone's curious, our CI setup involves a multi OS cluster: Mac,windows,linux for power,linux x86 (with cross building for android) with 1 linux master running a gpu for gpu tests.

Yup, we switched to Jenkins a while back for a similar reason. We're changing a bunch of our tooling for a new project because we can, but we didn't even consider switching out Jenkins. It's ugly but it works and it isn't worth figuring out anything else. The promise of Blue Ocean and the new declarative pipelines helps a lot although we probably won't bother trying it out until it's out of beta.

I'm in a similar situation with needing to build ARM images on native hardware. Jenkins is great!

IBM engineers ensured that Concourse can run on linux/ppc64le. There are also Mac workers and, I believe (based on looking across the office to a Windows-facing team) Windows as well.

The only reason it's possible is because Concourse uses the Garden API for container management; in turn Garden can create real or I-can't-believe-it's-not-real containers for the target platform if there's a backend for it.

In GitLab CI you can use any machine for a build as long a you can install GitLab Runner on it. We kept the design of that simple with few dependencies and it is written in Go.

So, you're saying that you can use tags [0] to specify that a runner has some special hardware like GPUs. Then in the project set a job to only run on a runner with those tags [1].

Is that right?

[0] https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/ci/runners/README.html#use-tags

[1] https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/ci/yaml/README.html#tags

We just don't use gitlab heavily enough yet :). We are mainly a JVM shop so the bias jenkins has for things like maven and what not out of the box is pretty appealing. I've been watching your integration play :). Maybe 1 day.

Thanks! I agree that great Maven support is key. We're working to integrate a package repository in https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/19095

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