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I think in the what is AI argument what has actually happened is that there have been two conversations about AI over the years - what AI is and what AI can do by virtue of being AI.

In that conversation the assumption has been that AI would be in some ways self-aware and intelligent like 'Data in Star Trek' and by virtue of being self aware and intelligent it would be able to learn things from its users, it would be able to make aesthetic judgements about music and art, it would be able to create interesting art of its own and so forth.

As it turns many of the things that AI will be able to do for us has been done by programs that are 'just math', the question is if in the future more or even all of AI's perceived benefits for humanity can be accomplished by just more and more complex 'math'.

In the end perhaps the essence of what AI is will only be beneficial to AI itself.

Replace 'AI' with 'Jenkins' and this becomes some great satire.

also if you replace my name with Mark Zuckerberg.

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