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Hey there,

I am the community leader for Jenkins Blue Ocean and Product Manager for the project at CloudBees. It's really great to see Jenkins users getting excited about Blue Ocean!

Please let us know if there are any missing features that are blocking your team from adopting Blue Ocean. We know there are some gaps between Jenkins Classic and Blue Ocean and while we have some good ideas, we are relying on your feedback to help us prioritise what to work on next.

If you've got any questions feel free to drop a comment here and Ill do my best to answer them or join our Gitter community [1]

Thanks, James

[1] https://gitter.im/jenkinsci/blueocean-plugin

Some pieces of feedback on Blue Ocean, which we've used on and off but haven't been able to switch to:

- The console interface needs work. The "click on text to link to it" thing is making it very hard to select stuff. Line numbers on the left are useless for a log, timestamps would be much more useful. (Also please add ANSI color support!)

- Artifacts view is awkwardly empty. Instead of the artifact name being a link, there's a separate download button.

- I have a GH project linked to my various build-master jobs. Why is the "commit" column empty?

- Build -> Changes -> The commit column shows the commit; with Github integration it could use a link to the actual commit on GH itself.

- "Duration: A few seconds" is not helpful for builds <1 min long. If your build takes 4 seconds average and one build takes 33 seconds, that should be immediately visible.

- I can't immediately see which builds were recently triggered and when from the main view. Regression from the legacy main view.

- Bug: "Display the log in a new window" -> the log is being sent as text/html instead of text/plain

Thanks for your work.

> I have a GH project linked to my various build-master jobs. Why is the "commit" column empty?

I think there was a regression introduced sometime before beta 12 that meant that commit messages were not displayed on the Activity, Branches and Activity tab. Do you find it is empty with all runs or just the first run of a newly detected branch?

You're welcome and thanks so much for this feedback. There's a lot here for us to cover - would you mind if we could have a short chat over email or even a Google Hangout? My email is jdumay@cloudbees.com

Sure, sent you an email.

Hi, thanks for your effort in enhancing jenkins UX.

Here are some important features I believe should be looked into if not already.

- since there is a single view, searching for jobs is essential. it's hard to find jobs to favorite among hundreds

- run builds with parameters, I believe a lot of jenkins setups are heavily leveraging parameterized builds, pipeline included

You're most welcome!

The good news is that both of those features are planned

- User would like to have a fast smart search to find jobs from the dashboard https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-38982

- User can run parametrised pipeline https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-38805

Particularly for search, I'd recommend signing up to our JIRA and watching both of those issues. You will be able to get a notification for any proposed designs (we'd love to have a discussion with you on the final solution) and when the feature ships in a beta release.

Nice to see someone working on Jenkins UI, looks good!

About the search: there are many JS libraries which allow pagination, sorting and searching tables, so it might be fastest (and most user-friendly) to just use one of those. Well, as long as we-re talking about 100s of jobs and not 1000s... :) For instance, I had great fun dealing with DataTables [0] lately (needs jQuery). The advantage of this approach is that it takes half an hour tops to implement.

[0] https://datatables.net/

We're built on React but I'll forward this on to the team to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

We have blue ocean installed on our Jenkins instances and I periodically check when it is suitable for our use. Currently our promotions to environments etc. use `input` step on the pipeline. This is, for now, the main thing that blocks us from using blue ocean.

Thanks for the feedback. Good news! This is really close to shipping. Here's a sneak peek of what it will look like when it does https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/secure/attachment/34625/Input+...

You can watch the ticket on our JIRA to get notifications for when it is completed https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-38494

Hi, will BlueOcean have proper restartable stages in the pipeline? Or will it be Jenkins 2.0 pipeline under the hood? Thanks!

I asked the exact same question on last week's Jenkins Online Meetup and got this answer: it's Jenkins pipeline under the hood, so the stages are only restartable if you're running Cloudbees' Jenkins Enterprise.

How would a non-Java developer best contribute to Jenkins?

Why isn't this the next Jenkins rather than a fork?

It's not a fork. It's the next generation interface for Jenkins and you can install it as a plugin side-by-side with the classic Jenkins.

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