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We used Jenkinsfiles and pipelines recently. And also introduce Blue Ocean on our jenkins server.

It come with a few glitches: Some plugins are not compatible with Blue Ocean, causing a white-page-of-death. However I found there where already issues created for them, i just turned off the plugin.

But the biggest downer, is that blue ocean is just a small UI on viewing pipelines. Its not a replacement for jenkins. And you still need the normal jenkins UI. Which doesn't handle pipelines well.

I think its still very much a beta project.

The blank screen issue is extremely important to us to fix and we hope to have a change that fixes it shortly. It's a consequence of the new REST API depending on all the plugins installed on your system and exposing its data for JS plugins. If one plugin misbehaves then it 500s the REST response. We've got an approach to isolating per plugin failures so that you can load the page even if one plugin fails.

You can follow progress here https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-39647

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