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Looks awesome really. The pipeline U.I. is similar to PIVOTAL's Concourse C.I. I wonder if each job is in a separate container?

It's easy to run the whole Pipeline or just a single stage in a Docker container and even more easy with the new Declarative Pipeline that just went into beta this week https://jenkins.io/blog/2016/12/19/declarative-pipeline-beta...

Pivotal is the sponsor of Concourse. It's an open source project in its own right.

Blue Ocean is a definite improvement for Jenkins shops, for some such places it may be a more sensible alternative to switching.

Disclosure: I work for Pivotal.

I also work for Pivotal T.O & used Concourse on a recent project. Thats why this thread caught my attention :)

No, but you can launch docker from your build script.

Good to know, thanks

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