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I have been using Blue Ocean as the radiator view for our Jenkins projects for a long while now and it does look really nice and sleek. That said, currently that's pretty much the extend it can be used for. I'd say it has about ~5% feature parity with the "old" UI currently, which means that there's not much to do than just look at the pretty progress bars. Can't wait for this to progress though, the old UI of Jenkins is archaic at best.

Thanks for the complement. It's hard building a new UX for a tool like Jenkins. It can be difficult to pick the next thing to work on because one feature could be the killer feature for one developer but not the other. Is there anything in particular that blocks you from using it day to day?

Thanks for replying! (First, our Blue Ocean plugin is at 12b currently, so some of these might be already there).

I agree with the difficulty with picking the next UX piece to build and as such I guess most of my "wants" are mostly for me. I spend most of the time in Jenkins fiddling around in the settings, plugins and credentials and such I'd love to see "/credentials", "/configure", "/configureSecurity", "/pluginManager" and maybe "/log" and "/load-statistics" under the Administration tab.

These would alone lower the need for the old UX for myself close to nil, as the pipelines are mostly automatically managed by our (Jenkinsfile based) integrations. I do see how the administration part will be really painful, as all the conventions used by plugins would be have to be "ported" somehow first I assume?

Administration tasks are not really in our scope yet (at least not for 1.0 as it's a huge job to boil the ocean, so to speak) and our focus is on making the best developer experience for CD Pipelines.

There's a lot of job level configuration that's moving into the Jenkinsfile with Declarative Pipeline [1], such as triggers, and you can expect that process to continue.

You're right on the plugin conventions having to be entirely ported. There's a whole new UI stack that those plugins have to adopt and we have to think carefully about how we design those extension points rather than blindly pulling them into the UI.

[1] https://jenkins.io/blog/2016/12/19/declarative-pipeline-beta...

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