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I just want to mention that I loved the idea of BlueOcean at the begining. It looks sleak an works well with pipeline. However, for us it's unusable in production setting. I know that it's still in beta, but as one example it doesn't support parameters. When user starts a job through BlueOcean it will fail.(Officialy they don't plan to implement it any time soon as I found out) That means It stays disabled in our jenkins. PS: For now its just a presentation tool for management :)

Well, that's Jenkins in a nutshell. You usually need to extend Jenkins with lots of plugins because they provide functionality that should have been in core in the first place. Then you realize that those plugins are not properly sandboxed and often do not work well together (especially with multi-configuration builds), not to speak of how updating Jenkins becomes a nightmare with plugins breaking left and right because of some internal API changes which are not yet properly handled by some plugin.

In fairness, Jenkins did not have the benefit of hindsight. Plugins were the this-is-how-you-support-extension architectural style of the period (see also Wordpress, Eclipse).

I've been working on a Concourse tutorial video series. One of the points I've made is that plugins are unsafe to compose. They need to know too much about each other to prevent interference.

Concourse instead composes on resources, which all have an identical interface (check, get, put). You can pretty much use any resource with any other resource if they achieve your purpose.

We're still calling Concourse "CI/CD", but folk are now jokingly referring to "Continuous Everything" at Pivotal. Because it really is becoming the first tool for everything. We're running large automatic tooling with small teams, because it's easy to extend and relatively easy to rearrange.

Disclosure: I work for Pivotal, which sponsors Concourse development.

I'd love to see -- or even better, read :) -- about how you "compose on resources".

Actually, we're working on parameters and input right now! It's likely that both parameterised job and Pipeline input will land in a beta release mid-Jan.

You can watch and follow along on https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-38805 and https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-38494.

we too found that it doesn't support all of the original jenkin's features after we tried it , and its disabled at prod .

Anything in particular you believe is missing?

The ansi output color plugin doesn't work with output. Nor the build timestamp plugin. The PR interface only works with Github, should also work with bitbucket pull requests.

And the most annoying, when blue ocean is tailing a job thats running, it uses 100% cpu on safari.

Those are the biggest issues I find with it as of today, otherwise its great for a manager mode until then.

> when blue ocean is tailing a job thats running, it uses 100% cpu on safari

Also on Chrome and Firefox

Hadn't tried those yet but thanks for confirming its not just Safari! I was in a meeting and running a tail and wondering why my fan was going nuts.

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