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Because frameworks come and go. The important thing are the abstract concepts

At that level, they assume you are pretty smart and capable of figuring out something like an API on your own time as needed. They'd rather you know what all these funky things in these APIs are doing at a core level so that you can employ them in an effective manner.

Letting the computer do the menial work of constructing formulas and generating code from user specifications is a fairly important framework feature and "abstract concept".

I could use that same abstract argument, just that with a framework you wanna see how far you can get, not how low. From the schools perspective it's all the same, just some test on your mental powers.

With a framework it's hard to think outside the frame. With a low level core it's hard to do anything really. It's a matter of compromise. Noone starts writing asm to begin with, although it is interesting, e.g. nand tetris being a famous example.

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