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Hey everyone! Clifford here, the author of the article. Just thought I'd jump in and say thanks to everyone for all the awesome feedback - you've all seriously made my day (and probably even year for that matter)!

Nice work Clifford. Any reason you used a fictional SAAS example rather than the real Tamboo story?

When I started out writing the guide, I actually didn't have any references to Tamboo - it was just me writing about approach using some fictional examples.

I posted Part 1 on Barnacles (https://barnacl.es) in October (I believe) and a lot of people gave me good feedback but one of the things they said was that it was really hard to find a link to my site and that I was nuts for not talking more about my direct experiences with Tamboo since that was something they really wanted to know more about.

So in the later parts of the guide I do talk about some very specific Tamboo things and went away from the generalized example in the first part.

I honestly wasn't planning for it to spread to a larger audience like HN (this is a total surprise that's just flooring me right now!), so I never bothered to go back and change Part 1 to use a more Tamboo-ish example.

Thanks for suggesting https://barnacl.es it looks like an HN for bootstrappers.

OK this makes sense. I would really encourage you to do another write up of the full Tamboo story especially all the nasty warty bits that all real business stories have.

Oh, and there are plenty of those! I've been trying to incorporate experiences as I go, and there's a good amount of nasty experiences I make mention of in this post: https://medium.com/@cliffordoravec/expect-everything-to-be-u...

But I will definitely look to put something together that incorporates more of what you're talking about - thanks for the input!

I just submitted that one since it was my favorite. Especially the image metaphor at the beginning. :) I just saw this comment but extra references can't hurt ya.

hey Clifford, inspiring work and great article!

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