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Oracle Solaris 12 Is Dead, Major Reorganization Coming (thelayoff.com)
14 points by roymurdock on Dec 19, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

If only OpenSolaris had been a true open source project under Sun's leadership, perhaps it would have had more momentum to withstand Oracle's steamroller.

All Solaris diehards that refused to accept external contributions, make the build process transparent, discuss new features, etc, when OpenSolaris was alive... well, enjoy the death of your beloved OS now.

Illumos is still around, with the support of many former Sun devs.

Yes but, like Brendan says (and I agree 100%), it's a long shot.


I was heavily involved with OpenSolaris at the time Oracle bought Sun. It was never an open source project and there was a lot of resentment from Sun employees that their beloved code had been exposed to the mass of ignorant developers. After Oracle bought Sun, the issues only accelerated to their inevitable outcome.

I wish the Illumos community all the best but, having seen first hand how the old Sun mentality is still going on there too, I makes me depressed.

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