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The application process asks for links to profiles, one of which is HN (also github, Twitter, StackOverflow, others).

Criteria varies. Red flags (such as loads of flagged comments here), name calling, threats, "bad" things.

Once and applicant was dismissed from my process because their comments on social (not just HN) showed a severe distaste for "n00b JS". The position clearly identified use of these tools. The demonstrated attitude would be caustic to my team and my junior devs would suffer.

Since companies always have more applicants than jobs we can be choosy. I filter for social fit first.

I can teach you to code. I don't know how to teach you to be respectful.

Again, HN profile is one of 100s of factors we compare on applicants

What happens if an applicant doesn't supply them ? How do you deal with people who don't have accounts or don't use those services? Are you worried that you maybe missing out on candidates who don't participate in these communities? I totally understand wanting to find strong fits for a company culture, but non-work related social profiles seems like a minefield of a way to screen for how respectful a person will be in an office environment.

It's not an issue if not supplied. Many don't. We've had candidates with no HN or GitHub profiles make it through the process.

HN is a work-related profile for some jobs.

Hiring is already a minefield. HN or social profiles are just one way for either candidates or employers to blow themselves up.

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