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I'm not asking anyone to sanitize. I look for folks who can clearly argue their point.

It's the quality of the debate, not the value of the position

It's not though. If you're not arguing a pro-groupthink position you'll get down voted regardless of the quality of your commentary. See just about any politics related thread for an example of that.

Note that only applies to subjective topics. If you're commenting about a purely technical topic then the voting system does seem to work more effectively.

To be clear. If one candidate has an HN rank of 10 and another has a rank of 100 it doesn't automatically place them ahead. That would be stupid.

Nor does having downvotes cause any automatic placement adjustment.

I review their comments manually to tell me about the person. It's a qualitative evaluation, not purely quantitative.

You previously said:

> I use applicants HN score, and comments as hiring factors.

I get reviewing the comments manually, but what could you use the score for besides a group think filter? Might be great for a sales position ...

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