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Actually, Haiku doesn't have any hardware video decoding. It's all software.

That sounds miles slower.

You're missing the point entirely, it could be done in hardware (I'm sure they would be happy with a PR) - but Haiku can do stuff in software that other OSes simply can't; media is just one of the better demos. It follows very strongly from the BeOS demos from the mid 90s[1].

[1]: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BsVydyC8ZGQ

Most of us get your point, I'm sure. :-) Some people just go against everything in their comments.

To me this sounds unlikely. The CPU will spend all its time in codec library code here so how much of a role will the OS get to play? More likely the difference is coming from some departure from fairness in how the software codec was compiled

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