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This is cool to see. I'm a bit sad that the ARM port hasn't made any visible progress - I remember back when the Raspberry Pi came out that there were a few discussions about other hardware being more adequate/future proof, and now that there's a quad core model it would be a great OS to run...

And the Raspberry Pi's GPIO connectors would take us full circle back to the "Geekport" of the original BeBoxen.

The minnowboard has GPIO connectors, and has already managed to boot Haiku in UEFI mode. A bit expensive though.

It had GPIO? I remember the videos that showed the CPU indicator LEDs on the front panel.

Yep. The geek port, as well as at least one midi port iirc. The geek port had both analogue and digital I/O.

The ARM port presently boots all the way to the startup screen, but then it halts because it has no way of reading the boot medium, because the USB stack hasn't been ported to ARM. Patches accepted! :)

It would probably help if there was some/better/easier to find documentation on how to get a build going.

What didn't the README and README.Compiling explain adequately enough for you? (And of course, feel free to pop into Freenode#haiku and ask us questions...)

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