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From the discussion section of Verlinde's paper[1]:

> We have shown that the emergent laws of gravity, when one takes into account the volume law contribution to the entropy, start to deviate from the familiar gravitational laws precisely in those situations where the observations tell us they do. We have only made use of the natural constants of nature, and provided reasonably straightforward arguments and calculations to derive the scales and the behavior of the observed phenomena. [..]

> In our view this undercuts the common assumption that the laws of gravity should stay as they are, and hence it removes the rationale of the dark matter hypothesis. Once there is a conceptual reason for a new phase of the gravitational force, which is governed by different laws, and this is combined with a confirmation of its quantitative behavior, the weight of the evidence tips in the other direction.

[1]: https://arxiv.org/abs/1611.02269

That's just Occam's razor, though. The phrasing made it sound like they had a quantitative argument for why fewer free parameters made it "perform" better.

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