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Thanks for the suggestions. I did say "part of my advice", so our talk didn't consist of only that aspect.

There's no end to the amount of advice in the world when it comes to love and marriage. Some counterpoints:

Looking for perfection will make you dissatisfied with everyone you date.

Or, you will gain enough experience to realize when you've found the best one.

A lot of what makes a relationship work or fail is how you treat each other, not who you're with.

The way someone treats you is mostly a result of who they are.

"Playing the field" too much desensitizes you.

Maybe, but it is the best way to learn what personality traits you like and dislike.

Lasting love is way more satisfying than a lifetime of flings.

Your chances at finding lasting love are greatly increased if you search for and find the right person.

There are two basic theories on relationships.

The first says that the right pair of people fit together, so if you aren't fitting, then you must not have found the right pair of people.

The second says that relationships are constructed. What you get out has more to do with what you put in than with who you are.

While there is an element of truth to both, everyone I know who is happily married subscribes more to the second theory than the first.

The way people treat you is almost entirely the result of who _you_ are and how you interact with them.

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