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Dealing with the average buyer on Craigslist is exhausting. "What's your best price?" and "Will you accept <10% asking>" are by far the most common queries.

Come on, you know these people aren't punctuating or contracting like that. I can't count the number of "item still available???? will u take $10 and ship 2 me??" messages I've received.

However, the average Craiglist seller is often just as insane.

$500 for a Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket amplifier--maybe, if it's pristine

"It has new tubes"--that are never standard Mesa tubes "Just got it serviced"--never has a receipt etc.

On an amplifier that the reverb is clearly not working, knobs are cracked or replaced with generics, the jack is flaky, looks like it has been thrown down several stairwells (at least try to fix the Tolex as that's cheap unless you try to do a full re-covering), etc.

And then they get really incensed when you show them that the last successful ebay auctions were all under $350.

Have some realistic expectations, dude.

Tell me about it. I'm selling a MacBook Pro in Tokyo, and the thought of dealing with those queries is pretty depressing. Plus the fact that the items on this list are not moving at all:


In Japan they use Yahoo Auctions.

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