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It started to go downhill long before that change. I think they shifted the instant they decided to require acceptance of Paypal as a payment. They bought Paypal, wanted to force sellers to pay the extra fees, and they made it against the rules to say you would only accept Paypal if it was the no-fee bank-funded variation. At the time, you could have a non-business account, accept no-fee bank-funded payments from buyers. But if you wanted to accept credit-cards at all, you had to switch your Paypal to a business membership and then pay fees on every transaction regardless of funding source. So, they said "you can't sell without accepting Paypal, you can't limit the payment options, therefore you can't sell on eBay without a business level PayPal account and pay the fees that go with it".

It was so obviously corrupt and bullshit and undermining their basic platform function of connecting buyers and sellers. I refused to accept the shift, it felt so shitty. I stopped using it immediately and scoured online for alternatives and eventually just gave up and resorted to the limited local audience of Craigslist.

I bought things on eBay BECAUSE I felt it would be easy to sell them again on eBay if I changed my mind. It was superb. NOTHING has replaced it. Craigslist is local only, nothing else has brought back the eBay that once was, and now I buy less PERIOD on ALL platforms because I have no good way to sell things I later decide to pass on…

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