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I guess I have a younger point of view, but it pains me to see people stay with a single company all their lives, it just seems like such a waste. They've dedicated their lives to making someone else richer is what it seems to me.

The last company I worked for went under, and when I was searching for a new job, I interviewed with the corporation Conn's (similar to BestBuy/Fry's). I met one well paid executive there who had worked there for the last 25 years. While well compensated, he looked beaten down, way older than he really was, and unhealthy.

The point of life is not dedication to one or multiple companies. That just sounds horrible to me.

but it pains me to see people stay with a single company all their lives

When you realize that to most people "it's just a job" it makes more sense. Work should not be your life. All I ask of my job is that it pay me well and be pleasant. If there's more, that's icing on the cake, but I look beyond my time at work to find meaning in myself.

Agreed. However, it does become your life when you work 16 hours a day. Simply because you really don't have any life left to live. Except if you consider sleeping time to be a vacation.

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