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We at smartmetrics.co experience the same issue. We noticed that issue affected not everybody, many customers still can use oauth. We contacted Instagram and Facebook support but got no answer.

Pretty much our experience. We didn't figure out what caused it, the same Instagram account sometimes works and sometimes doesn't without a change in code on different instances.

Apparently it happens from time to time, there are some posts about this problem on StackOverflow. No answers though.

We tried many things, including resetting our secret. It's working now, but it's hard to tell whether our actions had any effect.

Looks like now it's working for all accounts. We haven't reset client secret. Hope Instagram fixed this.

Unfortunately we're seeing issues again. So it really didn't help or the effects have weared off by now.

It's a bit frustrating with no reaction from Instagram/Facebook and not even an entry on the status page.

The same for us

We are experience the same issue, I have been able to reproduce the issue with the same account by just trying it repeatedly. It will eventually fail, the only solution is to sign out of Instagram, which ends up clearing your session and trying it again.

Instagram had a long period of time it went down yesterday I'd be surprised if they aren't linked.

Private mode wasn't enough to fix the error for us.

At least not in all cases, i.e. we tried production, staging and an instance running on localhost. Private mode usually changed in which places the login worked, but it never helped for all three.

Yep, it works not for all accounts.

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