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Jobhop yes, but please be careful--you might just hop yourself right out of the market.

My resume resembles Swiss cheese. I have a whole bunch of short-term jobs, and holes where I've taken off a year or more to pursue my own ideas (I'm "freelancing" during that time).

Fortunately I was able to get another job after the last break, but I didn't seem to be getting as many callbacks as I'm used to. This, coupled with my age, tells me I need to stay put for a while. And I hate that.

I doubt it. We are desperate for anyone who can answer our interview questions correctly. We would not care at all where you have worked, how much time you have taken for yourself, etc. Just know something about programming.

Agreed. My resume looked the same for a time, and I had no trouble landing interviews and getting offers.

That said, I've been with my current employer for three years now, and I have no intention of leaving, thanks to their flexible work schedule.

I'm sure it is possible find to some development job with a patchy resume. But it sounds like you are hiring for a junior position, is that really appropriate for someone with N years experience?

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